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In December, the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal will publish a study run by the CTS-158 Galeno group which shows new cut-off points to assess these aspects Researchers from the CTS-158 GALENO group at the University of Cadiz, directed by professor José Castro Piñero, have been working for three years on an important multicentre study based […]

A total of 300 researchers and 100 volunteers performed 63 activities in the squares of San Antonio and Mina More than 6,000 people have taken part in the European Researchers’ Night in the center of Cadiz in the 63 activities of scientific dissemination that 300 researchers and a hundred of volunteers carried out, coordinated by […]

The announcement is published in BOJA. Applications can be submitted until October 10 The University of Cádiz calls for the public competition of two predoctoral contracts of research staff for industrial theses in the company Acerinox S.A.U. The deadline for submitting applications will be open until October 10, 2017. These positions are co-financed by the […]

The Department of Psychology will work to analyze in depth the emotional and psychosocial cultural aspects that may influence the behavior of the crews of upcoming space missions The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has launched a major international project, coordinated from the University of Pennsylvania through Dr. David F. Dinges, which aims to […]

  Cadiz, 300 years of sea celebrates today its great commemorative party with half a hundred of scientific dissemination activities to bring to the citizenship the Tercentenary of the House of Contract to Cadiz (1717-2017). Hundreds of researchers, teachers, staff from the University of Cadiz and volunteers will participate in morning and afternoon sessions, from […]