Jerez is the fifth biggest Andalusian city, with a population over 200,000 inhabitants. It is a city that is characterised by its dynamism and quality of life. It has an industrial tradition originating from the historic importance of the wine sector, marking with its own signature an increasingly attractive environment for tourism and holding congresses, as well as for the introduction of new industries.

The Campus of Jerez is fully dedicated to social and legal studies, and also has a hall for nursing studies. At present, it has two academic centers of its own (Faculty of Law and Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences) and three permanent offices of other centers of the UCA (Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, Faculty of Labor Sciences and Faculty of Nursing), where a total of 9 undergraduate degrees and five official master’s degrees can be taken. It is also the headquarters of the new University Institute for Research in Sustainable Social Development (INDESS).

The University Campus of Jerez opened in 2004, also known as “Campus de la Asuncion”, it is the result of joining two public university centres which had existed in Jerez since the foundation of the University of Cadiz in 1979. These are the Faculty of Law and the College of Business Studies (the latter has now become the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication). Both centres, however, have their origins in 1972 (College of Business Studies) and 1973 (Faculty of Law).

Located in the University Avenue (previously a stretch of the Arcos de la Frontera Avenue), the Campus occupies part of the land where the old artillery barracks of “La Asuncion” were found previously. Nearby are the Municipal Stadium and Sports Complex of Chapin which, along with La Rotonda del “Toro de Troya”, are excellent landmarks making it easy to locate.

The new campus has 45,000 m2 of built area, 30,000 m2 of green areas, 700 parking spaces and 4 main buildings: Lecture rooms, Offices and Seminars, Library and Common Services, Multipurpose building and Indoor Swimming Pool.