Presentation of the Rector

Welcome to the institutional website of the UCA.


The University of Cádiz is the sum of all people who are part of it and of those who approach our institution to be trained, know what we do or gain access to the multiple services that the UCA renders to society.

Frequently, it is assumed that institutions are more powerful than people. However, the truth is that institutions are empty bodies without the intelligence, effort and commitment of its members.

The University of Cádiz is composed of four campuses, more than forty degrees on its academic program, and an increasing supply of postgraduate courses, qualified research groups and centres which are distributed over the province.

The ultimate finality of our university is not only to train people or spread valuable knowledge to society but also to be a service provider, and become one of the ambassadors of the very best of our land in the map of universities in and outside of Spain.

I truly hope all information in this site is useful for you and responds to your expectations.

Eduardo Gonzalez Mazo
Rector of the University of Cadiz