Rector’s Foreword

I am pleased to welcome you to the University of Cadiz, an institution that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and which sets out for one of the most interesting projects from its creation -the European Universities seal- without setting aside its vocation for the American continent and its relations with the Mediterranean neighbours. And a university that, while keeping up with its global presence, continues to think locally, in its province, in the richness of its four campuses, each of these with their own features showcasing synergies from the different regions.

University is the school of doubt. We cannot understand it without criticism as an essential instrument to make knowledge go forward and to claim for a better world. University cannot only be a tool for the production system, just another more link in the education of men and women for acquiring some specific skills. University is the alma mater, the nursing mother, that which feeds and provides with intellectual nourishment.

Students, you have ahead of you the best years of your lives, those of your university life, when in addition to getting to know new colleagues, you will live great experiences. But, think the University of Cadiz will not end for you with your studies, you will bear your UCA as a distinguishing mark and here you will have your home as a graduate because the 21st century society is the society of continuing education, the society of knowledge.

This website will help you clear up your doubts, but above all you will have many people around you to make your way more pleasant.

Francisco Piniella Corbacho

Honourable Rector of the University of Cadiz