Bay of Algeciras

Bay of Algeciras Campus of UCA, the university campus of southern Europe


The Bay of Algeciras Campus of the University of Cadiz is the southernmost of continental Europe. It was founded in 2004, although the academic and scientific activity of the University in the Region goes back to 1976, when the Higher Polytechnic School of Algeciras was created.

The Bay of Algeciras Campus, facing the Strait of Gibraltar, is situated around the seven municipalities that make up the region: Algeciras, La Linea, San Roque, Los Barrios, Tarifa, Castellar and Jimena.

This bay is characterized by its port activity, being the Port of Algeciras the first of Spain and the Mediterranean, and for its industrial activity, being located in it, the first industrial pole of Andalusia and the second of the Country.

The offer of the University of Cadiz in this Campus, covers different areas of knowledge, many of them closely related to the environment where it is located.

At its Higher Polytechnic School in Algeciras, the degrees in Civil Engineering, Engineering in Industrial Technologies, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electronics Engineering are offered. The offer in this Centre is completed with the Masters in Industrial Engineering, in Civil Engineering of Roads, Channels and Ports, in Prevention of Labour Risks and in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, in addition to its Doctorate program in Energy and Sustainable Engineering.

This academic offer is completed with the following degrees: Nursing, Law, Labour Relations and Human Resources, Business Administration and Management as well as the Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education.

In addition, in this Campus, biannually, the master’s degree in Port Management and Logistics is offered.

Algeciras is a point of union between two continents and takes advantage of its privileged location, strengthening and leading academic and scientific cooperation with universities in different countries of North Africa through the accredited activity that unfolds from the Strait of Gibraltar University Liaison Office.

Within this territory, there is the Alcornocales Natural Park, one of the most extensive in Andalusia, of great scenic and ecological value, as well as the Natural Park of the Strait, as well as numerous beaches of scenic interest, sport and with great tourist activity


8 Degrees Bay of Algeciras Campus

  • Business Administration and Management
  • Law
  • Nursing
  • Early Childhood Education (Virgen de Europa-affiliated)
  • Primary Education (Virgen de Europa-affiliated)
  • Civil Engineering (GIC)
  • Industrial Technologies Engineering (GITI)
  • Labour Relations and Human Resources


5 UCA Master’s Degrees at Bay of Algeciras Campus

  • Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Master’s Degree in Port Management and Logistics
  • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering of Roads, Channels and Ports
  • Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering
  • Master’s Degree  in Prevention of Labour Risks