This Campus is located in the old city, alongside the Genovese Park and the Caleta beach, in a set of narrow streets, little squares and charming areas. The city communicates with the rest of the university campuses by regular bus lines and by means of the new railway station.

Due to its privileged geographical position (is the southernmost city in Europe) it enjoys a climate with an average annual temperature of 18.1 ° C, which makes it ideal to stroll around its parks and beaches. Among its local holidays, Carnival is one of the most popular, a festival which has been documented since the 17th century.

In the capital of Cadiz, the fundamental fields of study are socio-humanistic and health studies. In addition, the campus also includes the Higher College of Engineering, with a wide range of titles covering Technical Industrial Engineering, Computer Studies and Industrial Organization.

In addition, in the Campus of Cadiz is the Rectorate, the different vice-rectorates of UCA (in the Real Hospital Building), as well as the central administration services of the University.