Canal UCA (13)


UCA is specialized in theoretical and practical teaching in nautical and sailing sports within the Degree in Physical Education and Sport Sciences. It has some unique equipment and boats for the practical teaching of different disciplines in the waters of the Bay of Cádiz

Did you know that there are products that consolidate the rock and prevent water from penetrating it? Others make it possible for the stone to clean itself by taking advantage of light or rain. It is the contribution of the Molecular Sieves Research Group from the University of Cadiz. These new materials are aimed at […]

UCA and CEI.Mar optimize with scientific campaigns and practices of graduate students the use of the Andalusian oceanographic ship, the first infrastructure of these characteristics within the Spanish university system, equipped with the most advanced scientific research and navigation supports. Source: EnRed ATV

Researchers in UCA, with the direction of Professor Lázaro Lagóstena, realize the 3D recreation of the Roman aqueduct of Gades.

The University of Cádiz is at the forefront of research and drone applications. UCA has a drone service for the realisation of all kinds of studies whose applications are useful in different disciplines and economic sectors.

The University of Cádiz, like every year, celebrates a welcoming act for Erasmus and visitor students who develop their studies in different degrees in the centres spread over its four university campuses. The incoming international students receive useful information about their academic stay and about the university services of UCA: library, sports, cultural agenda, etc.