UCA receives the maximum recognition of quality in management with the EFQM 500+ Seal of European Excellence 27 July 2018

UCA receives the maximum recognition of quality in management with the EFQM 500+ Seal of European Excellence

EFQM highlights the recruitment of talent in researchers with positive impact, the creation of mixed research units, the educational uniqueness per campus and the leadership in the management of alliances of UCA

The University of Cádiz has received the EFQM 500+ European Seal of Excellence, that is, the highest recognition established by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), improving the 400+ seal achieved by UCA in 2016. It is therefore, an international recognition of the highest level that is granted after a complete evaluation of the management system of the teaching, research, transfer and services of our University. At present, there are many organizations that use the EFQM Model, especially for some specific areas of the institution, but very few have achieved 500+ level recognition for the entire organization. At present, a score of Spanish universities have some type of Seal of Excellence, although only three universities in Spain currently maintain a level of 500+ for the entire organization, including UCA.

In this way, and after the rigorous audit carried out at the University of Cádiz, the evaluation team has concluded which actions and strategies have led to excellence both in processes that have added value to the management and good practices. In this field and in the field of creating value to the environment, the evaluation report highlights “the creation of mixed research units UCA – Enterprise and the expansion of services (industrial theses, double degrees, development of university institutes) that add value to the key interest groups and the review of the commitment of the quality system (where the map of established degrees shows the singularities of each campus) “. Similarly, it is highlighted that the university institution in Cadiz has deployed “a cross-cutting strategy that begins with the design of the strategic plan and is developed to enable sustainable management of social responsibility.”

Regarding the results of the University of Cádiz, the evaluators point out, among other issues, that “the degree of satisfaction with infrastructures is very remarkable, evidencing the strong success of the related policies and the strategies that have to do with the increase and care of the real estate assets of UCA” and that “the key indicators of economic performance present good results and sustained trends”. The report highlights the “good performance also of the indicators dedicated to the measurement of academic fees” and “the good results of the indicators related to business practices”