UCA begins the Master’s Orientation Sessions in its four campuses 7 May 2018

 The last-year degree students will get to know these days all the details for the 2018/19 course. The University of Cádiz incorporates four new titles to its global offer with 54 official master’s degrees.

The University of Cádiz celebrates the Master’s Orientation Sessions, an activity promoted by the Vice-rectorate for Students and aimed at last-year students in the different centers of its four campuses to bring them all the information about the postgraduate academic offer of UCA for the next academic year.

For the 2018/19 academic year, UCA offers 54 official master’s degrees assigned to the five large areas of knowledge. It will have four new official master’s degrees, still in the process of verification, increasing the catalog of postgraduate degrees with the incorporation of the degrees in Medical Chemistry and in Nanoscience and Materials Technology (Faculty of Sciences), in General Health Psychology (Faculty of Sciences of Education) and in Flamenco Research and Analysis (Doctorate School of the University of Cádiz-Campus de Jerez), which is the first official university postgraduate degree related to this field in the world.

An academic offer that is completed with 44 degrees, 19 double degrees and 17 doctoral programs. Pre-registration can only be done through internet. The second phase (the first one that was exclusively for foreign students ended on January 31st) will open on June 1st and end on July 17th, 2018.

The official master’s programs consist of between 60 and 120 European credits (ECTS) and cover at least one academic year. The postgraduate courses of UCA give access to the doctorate, which offers 17 programs with more than 100 lines of research at the University of Cádiz, the Doctoral School of the UCA (EDUCA) and the International School of Doctorate in Marine Studies ( EIDEMAR), attached to the Campus of International Excellence of the Sea (CEI · MAR).