‘InnovAzul 2018’ will bring together companies and experts in innovation in the marine-maritime sectors in Cádiz 23 October 2018

The First International Meeting on Blue Knowledge and Growth, organized by the University of Cádiz and the Campus of Global International Excellence of the Sea, will take place in Cádiz on November 29 and 30

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, and the president of the CEI·Mar Foundation and rector of the University of Cádiz, Eduardo González Mazo, together with the vice president of the regional government and counselor of the Presidency, Local Administration and Democratic Memory, Manuel Jiménez Barrios, presented today the First International Meeting on Blue Knowledge and Growth (InnovAzul 2018) at the San Telmo Palace in Seville. This event, convened by almost a hundred clusters and business associations, companies, administrations and institutions, will be held on November 29 and 30 in Cádiz, with the main objective of innovation in the marine-maritime sectors as an instrument for competitiveness of its companies, with stands, work spaces with an agreed agenda for bilateral meetings. In addition, technological exhibitions and the intervention of 120 international experts in sectors linked to the sea are planned

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, underlined the broad support of the administrations and the productive fabric for Innovazul 2018: “there has never been an international meeting like this with such a broad support, which makes it a bet safe”. In this Government – she has indicated – we are deeply committed with the Andalusian strategy of intelligent specialization so that the development is based on robust pillars in sectors that make us competitive, like the Blue Economy”. Diaz added that “it also unites two strategic areas for the European Union; the economy in the productive field and respectful with the environment “. “Innovazul speaks of the commitment to renewable energy, tourism, port logistics, all sectors where we want to bet to improve our future, from the competitiveness and quality of employment.”

During the presentation, the rector of the University of Cádiz, Eduardo González Mazo, highlighted the commitment of this meeting with the environment, “always with the intention of serving as an instrument for the development and implementation of innovation, putting the Blue Economy in value as we did in the RIS3 strategy. ” González Mazo, who has given a tour of the trajectory of the CEI·Mar since obtaining the seal of International Excellence in 2011 until the awarding of the certification as Global CEI in December 2017, has highlighted the “collaboration and commitment” of all the institutions and companies that organize, promote and add their efforts in InnovAzul. And he assured, finally, that “our future is at sea, so we have the prow placed in the future, a future of innovation”

InnovAzul 2018 is an unprecedented international innovation meeting whose main objective is to promote public and private competitiveness towards a circular economic model and sustainable development. An essential point of interaction between demanding companies of technologies, administrations, generators of knowledge and technological agents for innovation, socioeconomic development and employment in the marine-maritime sectors. The selected themes revolve around technological innovation in the productive sectors related to these areas: shipbuilding and off-shore, marine renewable energy, fishing, aquaculture and processing industry; ports and port logistics, tourism linked to the sea and marine bioproducts. InnovAzul also includes an Open Innovation area with the purpose of favoring the collaboration of technological agents and companies to boost their competitiveness and employment.

The organization has proposed this first meeting under the combined formula of fair and congress to promote a networking space for companies with the aim of generating meetings between the business world, public administrations and knowledge generators to promote development from innovation.