Erasmus (3)


Students come from 47 different countries, although the majority is from Mexico, Italy, Germany, France and Ivory Coast. This academic year, almost 1,050 spots have been filled Album The Department of Philosophy and Arts has hosted a welcome ceremony for Erasmus students and visitors who will study at all four campuses throughout the second academic […]

The project coordinated by UCA is among the 17 approved by the EC. Three Spanish universities, among the coordinators of the selected projects. The University of Cádiz has been selected today by the European Commission (EC) to develop the project of the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) within a first call, whose objective is […]

Photo Gallery   The University of Cádiz has welcomed them today at the Cádiz Campus. They come from European countries and partners from the rest of the world. In total, more than 1,000 Erasmus students in 2017/18 will be received The University of Cádiz receives these days in its four campuses more than 500 foreign […]