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  1. Visitors & Companies

Visitors & Companies

Institutional Information

Presentation of the Cadiz University that transmits an overview of its reality and its commitments for the future.


Academic offer of the UCA which includes the Study Plans of its degrees and complimentary training including languages, seasonal programmes, Masters, PhDs and the University`s own degrees coordinated by the University Business Foundation.


The promotion and support of research activity is one of the priority objectives of the UCA to promote innovation and the transfer of knowledge between University and company.

Cultural Extension

Get to know everything about what the UCA offers to its students: from the monthly cultural diary,to its wide range of programs and services


The Cadiz University fulfils and improves its sports facilities addressing new projects and offering more than 250 sporting activities at reduced prices.

Administration and Services Units

The UCA has a Geographic Information System for the management of resources and spaces, the SIGuca. Contact information of the areas and services of interest of the University of Cadiz.

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