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Groups, Institutes and Central Services

The encouragement and support of research activity is one of the priority objectives of the University of Cadiz. This activity is performed through the University research institutes and research groups.

Investigaciones de la Universidad de Cádiz en el CSIC


The Office of Transference of Results from Investigation of the University of Cadiz has as its main objective the management, dissemination and exploitation of the University’s research results.

University Research Plan

Catalogue enlisting lines of research, groups and services offered at the Cadiz University to enterprises, entities and institutions.


The University of Cadiz, through its Vice-Rectorate for Research and Transference, put at the disposal of its researchers, general information about the announcements published by official organisms for the financing of research activities.


In order to improve the communication between the Vice-rectorate for Research and Transference, the academic community and the general public, this section makes available to any audience, the personnel contact details for further information or assistance.

Information and dissemination

With the aim of fulfilling the commitment to communication and opening-up to the socioeconomic environment, the UCA has created different media to disseminate among the society and the academic community, the results achieved by its different lines of research.

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