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Origins of the UCA

The physical origins of the UCA

The first teachings and its first locations on the province

Monumento a la Constitución 1812The beginning of the story and the first locations of the UCA is very diverse and ample. This is so because the various studies rooted in Cadiz and its provinces which although not specifically of a superior level, have been of great relevance for what later became the university.

The examples mentioned previously are a minimum and representative exposition of the multitude of places in which the teachings were developed and which later formed the actual University.

The School of Surgery of the Army. The Royal Hospital

What gave the greatest strength to the birth of the authentic University of Cadiz, was the transformation by D. Pedro Virgili, of the college of Practitioners of Lacomba, since 1728, to the actual and most prominent institution Cadiz has had, in the words of the honoured D. Antonio Orozco Acuaviva: the Royal College of Surgery of the Army.

It was the first institute in power to award the title of Doctors to its surgery students, specialities which were previously separated since 1757.

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Cadiz

Born in 1789 as the School of Noble Arts, it was the place where the first educational activities to provide the guild of goldsmith of expert designers in the design, was developed to improve jewellery luxury items, it was the School of Silversmiths. Its first location was the magnificent Palace on the long road Sacramento Street. Since the establishment as Provincial Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1842, the location changed to the secularized building proceeding from the Monastery of San Francisco in the Plaza de Mina, nowadays the Museum de Cadiz.

Consulate of the Sea, School of Commerce Simon Bolivar

The beginnings of the Studies of Commerce originated from the necessity to work out the accounts of the merchants, whose importance multiplied with the commerce with the indies. The School of the studies of commerce therefore arises in 1500, with the pragmatic of Carlos I. The route of the Studies of Commerce, after passing through more than five locations in Cadiz, ends in the capital in the building of Simon Bolivar, later in the ‘Mora’ as Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences.

Church of Santiago and College of the Jesuits in the Square of the Cathedral

Church of SantiagoIn 1592 the Theological Seminary of San Bartolome was created, together with the Church of Santiago in the college afore mentioned, where the studies where started.

In 1785 in was incorporated to the Literary University of Seville. The building still exists today, reconstructed in 1890, with three patios and architecture with neoclassical elements. Today it is the residence of one of the best libraries in the province.

The University School of Business Studies and Public Administration

Facultad actual de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales de CádizThe University School of Business Studies of Jerez remained integrated in the university of Seville in 1972.

Its actual location in the spaces that correspond to the secularization of 1835, are the patios and buildings of the Convent of the Victory.

In them it shares, together with the School of Arts and Crafts of Jerez, the teachings and the historical places. Different actions have gone shaping the spaces and the attachment of the pretty but sparsely present Lecture Room of Carmen Benítez.

The University School of Technical Industrial Engineering of Algeciras

Created in the year 1975, it connected its initial teachings of Installations, Chemical Processes and Metallurgy with the needs of the immediate development area of San Roque, Campamento and Algeciras. Its first site was the School of Industrial Mastery and the School of Arts and Crafts of the Avenue del Carmen.


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