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  1. Studies and Access

Studies and Access

Access to the University

A useful guide to UCA courses that future students can access according to different conditions of access that exist on the basis of the previous studies pursued.

University Orientation

The University Guidance aims at coming closer to those who, in the future, decide to be University students.

General Studies Offer

Our offer of 69 degrees, 41 of them adapted to the structure of the new degree courses, makes us the third Andalusian University with the greatest number of courses adapted to the EEES.

Offer by Departments

Access to the study plans and subjects offered by the Deparments of the University of Cádiz


Currently, the University of Cadiz offers 34 master  programs specialized in different fields. These postgraduate studies may lead the student into the job market or the introduction of a more profound investigation.


The University of Cádiz offers 39 different itineraries to educate themselves in the field of investigation and reach the title or rank of Doctor. These PhD itineraries fall into five major programs, one for each branch of knowledge.

University's own Certification

These courses are designed by university professors, in collaboration with professionals and experts from different organizations.


Service created with the purpose of promoting the learning of languages at all the levels.

Scholarships and Funds

Here one finds interesting information about general grants convened by the University of Cadiz, as well as other proposals by the Ministry of Education, links with the Seneca and Erasmus scholarships as well as other types of economic aid proceeding from other private bodies.

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