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Research Memory


Research and transfer of technology, along with teaching, constitute the pillars of any University. Thus, the Research Memory 99/07 is presented as an instrument to pass on, to society and the University community, the results of our University in these matters, and to keep up with the commitment of communication and openess of the University of Cadiz with the socio-economic surroundings.

This archive attempts to reflect the results of the research activity in our University between 1999 and 2007. In particular, data on expenditure in R & D of the University of Cádiz, human resources dedicated to research, external resources gathered by our researchers, on scientific production, as well as on technology transfer; is collected. Also, the values of some of the indicators of research recently used to establish a ranking of universities, have also been included.

As it can be seen in the tables and graphs shown in memory, the majority of the analyzed data shows an upward trend, allowing us to be optimistic towards the future, however at the same time it requires us a greater degree of commitment to maintain this trend in the coming years. Also, the continued increase in the volume of recruitment of companies, stands out; and therefore, I would like to thank these companies for trusting in the services provided by our research groups, which serves to reinforce the UCA as a distinguished quality sign.

For the immediate future, I would like to highlight the efforts made by Government policies aimed to increase the quality of research and transfer of technology, highlighting the national R&D Plan 2008-2011 and the Andalusian Research plan 2008-2013. Also, I want to highlight the efforts that this University is making in the field of research, technological development and innovation, as evidenced by its new plan adopted last year and which has been expanded significantly both the financial capacity as in the number of lines of action. For all these reasons and the wide range of opportunities offered, I would like to encourage the research staff to continue developing quality research and therefore make use of the variety available for the abstraction of external resources, enabling us to continue to grow as a University.

With these lines I express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to those who have contributed to these results in this archive, at the same time, I encourage you to continue this work so that together we can achieve a better University.

Diego Sales Márquez
Rector of the University of Cadiz.

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