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Geographic Areas

As a forum for the exchange of knowledge, universities evolve within realities without borders. Internationalization is the formula that the University has found to suit the fast changes that occur in its environment, whilst supposing a decisive process to achieve its insertion into the world of knowledge. This process has been consolidated throughout the years to the point that it is currently an obligation for all academic institutions. 

The University of Cadiz is aware of the importance of this process of internationalization since a long time. In fact, in the years of its existence, the UCA has signed international conventions in almost all continents and universities as that of Sorbonne, Cambridge, Kagawa in Japan, Antofagasta, Chile or the University of the East of Santiago de Cuba, amongst others, that have resulted in programs and scholarships in many parts of the world.  

Thus, as the destination is of vital importance when deciding to complete and extended studies abroad, the following classification offers different programs offered by the University of Cadiz divided by geographical areas:

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