UCA, first Spanish university at the sustainability ranking 16 April 2018

CRUE has published the report on Diagnosis of Environmental Sustainability of Spanish Universities. UCA Promotion Plan had in 2016/17 more than 1,100 enrolled in 34 programmed activities

The University of Cádiz is the first Spanish university institution in environmental sustainability. This is confirmed by the ranking prepared by the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) which, based on a detailed evaluation of the degree of compliance with different items in this field, has concluded with the preparation of the report on Environmental Sustainability Diagnosis. of the Spanish Universities where UCA is listed as the best rated university with the best score, reaching a total of 113 points out of a maximum of 140 possible, that is, the highest figure.

This ranking, made by the working group on the Evaluation of University Sustainability (GESU) of CRUE and which has had the participation of a total of 33 Spanish universities, reflects the corporate social responsibility of the University of Cádiz and demonstrates its institutional commitment in favor of sustainability in the different sections analyzed: sustainability policy, involvement and awareness of the university community, teaching, research, urban planning and biodiversity, energy, water, mobility, resources, green purchasing and environmental impact assessment.

In this way, CRUE has enhanced the work that has been done in the field of sustainability by the University of Cádiz, whose Office for Sustainability, integrated in the Vice-Rectorate of Social Responsibility, Cultural Extension and Services, deployed only during the past academic year 2016/17 within the Plan for the Promotion of Sustainability of UCA a total of 34 actions with more than 1,100 people enrolled through a set of activities that are oriented towards environmental improvement in different areas: training, research, dissemination, awareness , etc.

The University of Cádiz is part of the Spanish Network of Healthy Universities (REUS) of CRUE and participates actively in the working groups of CRUE-Sustainability of Participation and Environmental Volunteering and Prevention of Occupational Risks.