UCA, among the five most transparent universities in Spain 6 November 2018

The University of Cádiz is ranked fifth in the DYNTRA ranking of transparency of Spanish universities, reaching 100% of the indicators evaluated in most chapters

The University of Cádiz is consolidated among the most transparent in Spain, ranking, for the first time, in the top 5 of the Spanish university institutions that offer public information in detail about different aspects related to its operation. According to the data that the DYNTRA ranking (Dynamic Transparency Index) shows, UCA reaches the fifth national position and the first position within the Andalusian university system with a transparency index of 73.48%. This relevant collaborative platform works on the measurement and management of open government in organizations and public administrations. In this case, the data obtained is the result of the evaluation of transparency to a total of 74 Spanish universities.

DYNTRA is, therefore, a demanding dynamic ranking that evaluates the information published by the institutions, both public and private. The University of Cádiz complies, at this moment, with 97 of the 132 possible indicators, reaching 100% of the points evaluated in most of the chapters in which the ranking is structured: Information on the structure and norms of the university, Planning and organization of the university, academic offer and demand, faculty, accountability, E-Administration or Mobile Goverment. In this way, UCA leads this ranking of transparency in the field of public administrations of the province of Cádiz

All the information consulted by DYNTRA for the preparation of the ranking is accessible on UCA website, especially through its Transparency Portal. A public information window that in just two clicks allows access and consultation of content structured in different sections: Institutional Information (vision and mission, strategic plan, statute and governing bodies) , Personnel (information on salary bands, staff, job boards, faculty and foreign teachers), Supply and Demand (academic supply and demand), Students (grants and scholarships, main communication channels, student enrollment and student mobility), Results ( UCA memory, research activity, teaching activity, student satisfaction index, origin of students, ranking and employability results) and Economic Information (UCA budget, income information by origins, expenditure information by application, budgets and rendering of accounts, agreements of collaboration and contracts).

The dynamic information on the DYNTRA ranking can be consulted at:ede ser consultada en:;