The UCADIZ ship begins the 1st internship campaign of the Master’s degree in Nautical and Subaquatic Archaeology 8 May 2018

A score of students will take part in a scientific study that will take place in two shifts throughout the months of May and June in front of the Getares beach

The oceanographic ship UCADIZ begins today the first oceanographic internship campaign of the master’s degree in Nautical and Subaquatic Archaeology of UCA. A total of 11 students will participate on this first round that will take place on the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar until May 25th and will depart from the port of Algeciras , in order to study the the archaeological remains of sunken wrecks in this area. The campaign will continue with a second phase throughout the mont of June. The Delegate of the Rector for the Bay of Algeciras Campus, Inmaculada Santiago, and the deputy mayor of the University, Pilar Pintor, welcomed them this afternoon at the Saladillo Dock.

In this edition, the official postgraduate degree of UCA, unique in the national university field, has students from Spain, Greece, Mexico, Colombia or Argentina. The two phases of the campaign will allow them to study a few wrecks, in particular, the ship known as the whaleboat of the late 16th century, which is submerged in a space with abundant underwater heritage in front of the Getares beach.