Students of UCA begin aboard the UCADIZ their internship from the master’s degree in Nautical and Underwater Archaeology in Algeciras 10 May 2019

A score of students will participate in a scientific study that will take place in two shifts throughout the months of May and June in the waters in front of Getares Beach

The oceanographic vessel UCADIZ, for the third consecutive year, has begun these days the first oceanographic campaign of internship 2019 of the master’s degree in Nautical and Underwater Archaeology of UCA, whose teaching and scientific activities are developed within the line of Nautical and Underwater Archaeology of the University of Cádiz and Campus of Global International Excellence of the Sea (CEI · MAR). The students will stay for three weeks in May and in a second shift in the month of June (from 3 to 21). It is the final phase of their training process, after about five months of theoretical training at the Faculty of Philosophy and Lietrature of UCA.

The internship campaign will take place in the waters of the historic Getares inlet, where the 23 students – of 6 different nationalities – will conduct prospecting, documentation and archaeological surveys, led by professors Raúl González (PhD student from UCA and underwater archaeologist) and Felipe Cerezo (researcher at UCA and responsible for the subject).

During these weeks, they will work in the marine environment and also in the well-known Wreck of the Whaling (Pecio de la Ballenera), discovered, among others by Félix Rodríguez, of the diving club Cetaria, which also collaborates in the campaign. This year they intend to close the definitive documentation of the ship, from which they have been able to specify and important results such as their chronology and the complexity of their cargo. In addition, its objective will be to deepen the study of the cargo of the wreck and the possible existence of artillery. In short, a whole series of research activities that benefit the development of the research work of the students of the Master.

As a novelty, it will also begin a pioneering activity of underwater visits to the site, with the support of the scientific committee of the Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities-Center for Maritime Education and Underwater Activities (FEDAS-CMAS) Cultural Heritage section and the Andalusian Federation of Underwater Activities (FAAS).