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Puerto Real

This Campus is situated in a privileged natural environment, in full contact with the Natural Park of the Bay of Cádiz and in the geographic centre of the municipalities constituting the Commonwealth of the Bay of Cadiz, with very important population centres within a radius of 20 Km., including Cádiz, Jerez, San Fernando, Chiclana, Puerto de Santa María and the municipality of Puerto Real. As a whole they add up to a population of more than 600,000 habitants

It is the UCA Campus that brings together the highest concentration of Science and Technology centres. The industrial environment around it includes big enterprise sectors related to metallurgy, automobile industry, electronics, aviation, naval and agriculture engineering. There is also an important industrial network of subsidiary businesses.

The Puerto Real Campus can be accessed by public transport university routes provided by Transportes Comes, regular buses between Cadiz and Puerto Real and the urban bus services of the company Transcela from Puerto Real RENFE station.  

The opening of the RENFE stop in the campus itself, allows the continuous and fast access from all localities around the Bay of Cadiz and Jerez. 

In the Río San Pedro (Puerto Real) Campus one finds Science and Technology disciplines related to the sea, and degrees in science that the title of chemical engineering. Additionally, the Puerto Real Campus is where educational science studies are developed. This campus also offers the possibility of double degree in Marine Sciences and Environmental Sciences.

More information: Website of the Puerto Real Campus .


UCA Centres in the Río San Pedro Campus (Puerto Real):


The following degrees are offered in this Campus:

New Degree format

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Ocean Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Double Degree in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences
  • Double Degree in Environmental Sciences and Chemistry
  • Double Degree in Ocean and Environmental Sciences
  • Double Degree in Environmental Sciences and the Sea
  • Teacher Training For Infant Education
  • Teacher Training in Elementary School
  • Chemistry Engineering
  • Naval Engineering
  • Civil Marine. Nautical Engineering and Maritme Transportation.
  • Civil Marine. Marine Engineering.
  • Civil Marine. Radioelectronic Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Enology
  • Physical Activities and Sports
  • Psychology
  • Industrial Engineer
  • IT Engineer

Old Degree format vacancies available

  • Enology
  • Degree in Chemistry
  • Degree in Mathematics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Degree in Naval Machines
  • Degree in Naval Radioelectronic Engineering
  • Degree in Nautical and Maritme Transportation
  • Degree in Ocean Sciences
  • Degree in Environmental Sciences
  • Degree in Psychopedagogy
  • Industrial Organization Engineering
  • IT Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering
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