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AUE (Strait of Gibraltar University Foundation)

The University Foundation is a permanent University space for carrying out all those top-level activities aimed at strengthening relations with Morocco, which is also a forum for discussion on those aspects which unite and separated both societies and is intended to be the seed of diverse activities that can contribute to development and mutual collaboration. 

It emerged as initiative between the UCA and the City Council of Algeciras, which joins the University Abdelmalek Essaadi of Tetuan-Tanger. This is the seed of the University Foundation of the Strait, that is also open to support by other Spanish and Moroccan institutions. 

Due to the need to maintain coherence in all their actions, as well as the existence of a number of strategic objectives to  reach, the Strait University Foundation,  programming includes a series of transversal actions:

  • Co-elaboration principle. All activities constituting the classroom programming are since its origin defined on both sides of the Strait. Thus each action must have a Moroccan Coordinator and a Spanish one and have teachers and/or students of both countries.
  • Promotion of the Investigating Activity. From the University Foundation remains a continuous activity of design and implementation of new mechanisms so that the exchanges and relationships within the program of activities generated, have a continuity and are the seeds of the later development of new projects. Proof of this has been the effort with the Office of International Relations, obtaining a spectacular expansion experienced by research and collaboration projects set between the universities of Cadiz and Abdemalek Essadi, which have gone from 4 to 22 in only one year.
  • Continuous assessment. In a constant effort to improve and adapt the activities of the University Foundation to the real demands of the society on both sides of the Strait, there is an evaluation mechanism that enables an overall assessment of each action, according to the degree of participation and satisfaction of participants, organizers and public and private entities involved in its development.
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