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All the teaching and research staff in active service at UCA may participate in this award at their own initiative or by initiative of a member of the university community   The University of Cádiz has launched for the first time in its history the call for the Awards for Excellence in Research, an acknowledgment […]

Peter Hagemeyer went to Spain to learn more about economics; he came home knowing more about building guitars. Maybe to the point of building one himself. “No guarantee of it being awesome, but …,” says Hagemeyer, a senior in economics at UTC. Not that Hagemeyer didn’t return to the U.S. with plenty of new information […]

Photo Gallery   The University of Cádiz has welcomed them today at the Cádiz Campus. They come from European countries and partners from the rest of the world. In total, more than 1,000 Erasmus students in 2017/18 will be received The University of Cádiz receives these days in its four campuses more than 500 foreign […]

The scientific journal ‘Science’ publishes today the results of this interdisciplinary project, which has the authorship of researchers from five countries and reveals the origin of art by Neanderthals in the world Researchers from the University of Cádiz and the Neanderthal Museum of Mettmann (Germany) have led an interdisciplinary and international research that has included […]

They have registered dozens of transfer profiles on the Transfiere 2018 platform, which has opened its doors in Malaga today   The University of Cádiz, through the Vice-Rectorate of Technology Transfer and Innovation, and the Campus of International Excellence of the Sea (CEI·Mar), through the CEI·Mar Foundation, are participating again this year in the European […]

The chef of the sea, as he is known internationally, Ángel León, has triumphed in this year’s edition of Madrid Fusión with the presentation of two new dishes, in which the research being carried out at the University of Cádiz to make edible the shell of crustaceans and fish skin is implicit. The innovative chef […]