‘Cadiz, 300 years of sea’ brings the Tercentenary to citizenship with 50 scientific dissemination activities 21 July 2017


Cadiz, 300 years of sea celebrates today its great commemorative party with half a hundred of scientific dissemination activities to bring to the citizenship the Tercentenary of the House of Contract to Cadiz (1717-2017). Hundreds of researchers, teachers, staff from the University of Cadiz and volunteers will participate in morning and afternoon sessions, from 11.00 to 23.30 hours, in workshops, conferences and exhibitions around the Plaza de España and the Provincial Council, as well as guided tours of the House of the Four Towers and five school and oceanographic vessels in the port of Cadiz.

In the framework of the Tercentenary, the University of Cadiz and the Provincial Council organize, with the collaboration of other institutions such as the City of Cadiz, the Bahía de Cádiz Port Authority, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, the Campus of International Excellence of the Sea CEI·Mar), the Spanish Navy, Navantia, Unicaja Foundation, Santander Universities, CSIC, Junta de Andalucia and Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, among others, the scientific and commemorative activity Cádiz, 300 years of sea.

In the afternoon, from 6 pm, in the Regio room of the Provincial Palace of the Provincial Council will close the cycle of conferences of historical themes related to this event. Sergio Borrallo will approach the astronomical navigation, Francisco José González will offer a talk of the Navy and Science in the Cádiz of that time and of the 200 years of Spanish scientific expeditions and its repercussions will speak Juan Pérez-Rubín. The presentations will be closed with a round table, with the participation of teachers Guadalupe Carrasco, Alberto Gullón and Arturo Morgado, about the Scientific Expeditions of the XVIII Century and its repercussions.

In parallel, you can also visit the Plaza de España exhibitions Cádiz, 300 years of naval industry (30 large format images of advances in shipbuilding from the eighteenth to the twentieth century along the Colombia street), University of Cadiz, the University of the Sea (open air, its thematic contents revolve around the different poles of excellence of the CEI·Mar) and the faces of marine research in Cadiz (about thirty panels with names and surnames with the image and works of the researchers who show their scientific advances).




The Ciudad and Alfonso XIII docks of the Cadiz port today and tomorrow host an exceptional sample of Spanish school and oceanographic vessels. A total of five vessels (Juan Sebastián de Elcano of the Spanish Navy, Ramón Margalef of the IEO, Malaspina of the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy, Miguel Oliver of the General Secretariat of Fisheries and UCADIZ of the CEI·Mar and UCA) will be the protagonists of this afternoon and morning of guided tours of the citizens to know their facilities and services. In the same way, there will be guided visits to the House of the Four Towers, in the square of Argüelles, symbol of the urbanism and the splendor of Cadiz in the XVIII century.













Formative and recreational activities for the whole family

The 25 scientific dissemination workshops, aimed at the whole family in the Plaza de España, will be Simulator and practical applications of sailing, Plankton in the Bay of Cadiz, PATA, PICO, PELO. Build your saline bird; Immersion in the ‘caleta’ biodiversity; Fishing in Augmented Reality, Construction of solar clock and celestial planisphere and All-Gas. Microalgae. Energy motor from the recycling of residual waste.

The children will also have a space – Discovering Cádiz – especially dedicated to them in Plaza de España, a children’s tent with playful activity for children of 5-9 years, as well as future university students and their relatives, who can visit the exhibition panels that will be available to know the academic offer of UCA for the 2017/18 academic year.

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