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UCAmpus Magazine

21 results – Showing from 1 to 10

21 results – Showing from 1 to 10


Sending tips, reviews, editorials, etc., for inclusion in the Magazine of the University of Cadiz UCAmpus

Opinions that are sent for inclusion in the magazine must not exceed 150 words.

Information on phones: 956 015907.

Transfer of documents through e-mail comunicacion@uca.es.

Drafting Committee:
Director Francisco Álvarez González (Vice-Rector joint to Rector)
Technical Director Dori Argente Martínez (Director of the Cabinet of Communication and Marketing)
Advisors Isabel Morales Sánchez (General Director of Cultural Activities)
María de la Luz Fernández Alles (General Director of Research)
Vocals Sonia Martínez González (Communication Cabinet)
Alicia Cervera Fernández (Communication Cabinet)
Gema Torres Haro (Communication Cabinet)

Advisory Committee:

Integrated by the Drafting Committee, four representatives of PDI, two of the PAS, two students and five representatives of Communication Media.


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