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University`s own Certification

The University of Cadiz, through the University and Company Foundation of the Province of Cadiz (FUECA), offers the possibility of attending University Own Titles of Specialization and Masters and, in addition, courses of continuous training.

The mode of these studies may be presential, semi-presential, distance or through Virtual Classroom of the UCA.

Specialized University student/Specialization courses

University’s Own Title oriented towards university titleholders and, exceptionally, for the professionals and those people who hold the habitual university access requirements and are directly related to the specialty of the title.

More information: FUECA web page.

University Masters

University’s Own Title corresponding to studies oriented to university titleholders. After the accomplishment and overcoming of a Masters or a Specialization, the student receives the corresponding Own Title, sent by the Certificate of the University of Cadiz.

More information: FUECA web page.

Courses of Continuous Training

Courses of short duration directed to university student and professionals. Some of these activities have associated credits of free configuration. Once the course is finalized the corresponding certificate must be collected from the Offices of FUECA (C. Benito Perez Galdós, s/n. Technological Center Building (Edificio Centro Tecnológico - Cadiz).

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