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University Research Plan

The Statutes of the University of Cadiz establishes in its article 196 the need to aprove, on an annual basis, its own Research Plan for the promotion and support of research activity. Its main objective would be, according to this article, the guarantee the exercise of the right and the duty to investigate.

In recent years, and in clear response to that set out in our legal norm of reference, the University of Cádiz has been funding a series of performances that, grouped in the so-callled UCA Own Plan, were aimed at supporting the research work of all its members, being constituted, in this way, with an ideal complement of the traditional sources of research funding.

When the time to proceed with the elaboration of the Plan, we considered desirable, from the Vice-rectorate of Research and Transference, to realize an update for the Plan, in the light of budgetary allowances, expanding the number of actions subject to funding possibilities, with the aim to respond to the demands that currently presented by our researchers.

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