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The Office of Transference of Results from Investigation of the University of Cadiz is a unit integrated in the Vice-rectorate of Research and Transference whose primary target is the management, diffusion and valuing of results of investigation of the UCA.

Its creation in 1988 was impelled by the General Secretary of the National Plan of R & D (Research and Development), with the purpose of strengthening relations between the scientific world and that of business, carrying out the dynamizing role that the National Plan of R&D needed, so that businesses could take advantage of the capacities of R&D and of the results of the university research activity.

The knowledge of the business environment in the province of Cadiz, especially the industrial sector, its problems and its technological and formation needs, is a key factor in carrying out the University-Business linkage function. The OTRI is in charge of providing services which are oriented to facilitate this linkage and obtain economic resources in order to improve the scientific-technological capacity of the research groups.

More information: OTRI website.

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