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Campus of Excellence

The Program Campus of International Excellence was created with the purpose of promoting the improvement of the quality of universities and lead the various academic institutions to excellence for the benefit of their social and economic environment. With this objective, the University of Cádiz currently participates in four Campuses of Excellence: Campus of International Excellence of the Sea, Campus of Heritage Excellence, Campus of Agri-food Excellence and Campus of International Excellence of the Environment, Biodiversity and Global Change.

In the Campus of International Excellence of the Sea, The University of Cadiz acts as coordinator and participates jointly with the University of Huelva, Malaga, Granada and Almeria. This initiative is intended to serve as an international reference in studies of Ocean Sciences. For this reason, the CEI-Mar positions itself as a forum for interchanging knowledge, which promotes Transversal projects that serve to promote the Scientific and Technological parks and aims to achieve the highest levels of perfection in the areas of teaching and research in the marine environment, with a vocation of a open-minded and interchanging campus.

Along with ten other Andalusian Universities, the UCA participates in the Campus of Heritage Excellence, a project that aims to become a regional, national, European and international reference in training, research, development and innovation in the areas of knowledge which give birth to Cultural and Natural patrimony.

Additionally, the food and agriculture sector is one of the pillars of the regional economy and the essential key for a economic, social and political development. The food and agriculture sector has also become an object for study, investigation and development for a campus of Excellence. The UCA works in this sense with the help of four other universities: Almería, Córdoba, Jaén and Huelva in order to develop agriculture through research and extension of production.

Finally, we have the Campus of International Excellence of the Environment, Biodiversity and Global Change, created by the Universities of Cádiz, Almería, Cordoba, Huelva, Andalusia International and Pablo de Olavide of Seville, together with the CSIC as a response to the growing demand for scientific work, which can analyze and promote efficient methodologies for the development and viability of sustainable economies based on the study of environmental changes caused by the impact of human activities.

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