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Groups, Institutes and Central Services

Throughout the years, the university concept has evolved enough, changing not only the characteristics that define it as institution, but also its own purpose. Beyond teaching, the universities begin to acquire a fundamental role as institutions generating knowledge through research.

Without any doubt, one of the pillars on which the prestige and the recognition of universities is nowadays supported, is that a good part of their resources and financing are dedicated to research activity.

In Spain, this fundamental role of research in the universities was not welcomed until the 80s when the legal financing and norms made possible more initiatives and projects.

The promotion and support of this research activity are major objectives of the University of Cadiz. This scientific production is carried out by its research groups and institutes, not to mention the importance of Central Support Facilities for Research, established in 1992 and located in the Faculty of Sciences of the Campus of Puerto Real, which centralizes major scientific equipment in the UCA. This equipment is organized in 6 divisions, offering services to the university´s research groups, other public research bodies and those private companies that request it.

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