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Symbols of the UCA

Legal Regulations

(BOE 73 of the 26th March, 1982) Order of 24th February 1982 by which the establishment of the seal-coat of arms, flag and medal of the University of Cadiz, is approved.

Llmo. Sr: Having regarded the proposal made by the Plenary of the Managing Committee of the University of Cadiz, as well as a favourable report from the National Board of Universities. The Ministry has seen fit to approve the establishment of the seal-coat of arms, flag and medal of the University of Cadiz, and the Regiment for the concession of the medal of honour. Communication to V.I. Madrid. 24th February 1982 - P.D. (Ministerial Order of 16th of March 1981), the Secretary of the State for Universities and Research, Saturnino de la Plaza Perez. Llmo. Mr. Secretary of the State for Universities and Research.


Seal-Coast of Arms of the University of Cadiz
Sello de la Universidad de Cádiz

In order to follow the tradition of Spanish Universities, all of which have a corporate emblem, used as a seal on all documents and as coat of arms of the institution, the University of Cadiz has produced its own emblem, whose foundations must agree with the rules of heraldry, being useful and necessary element to distinguish our institution from other similar ones, and at the same time focussing its expressiveness in the University`s own teaching activities.

Therefore, as a proposal from the Standing Committee:

The shield is blue, with waves of blue and silver above which stands a silver tree with leaves of the same metal, three golden roots (visible) overlapping the waves and fruits of gold. On each side of the tree is a silver column, each with a gold cartouches entwined around them, with the inscription "NON PLUS" on the first and "ULTRA" on the second. Above and external to this is a Spanish royal crown.

The tree was chosen as the oldest symbol of wisdom, with three roots standing for wealth and depth of our 3000 year old western culture. The roots are submerged in blue and silver waves evocative of the sea, showing the strong link between the sea and the old culture of Cadiz.

The four branches arising from the trunk, which can assimilate the University, represent the four Faculties that have formed the core of the new University. From these branches arise the fruits of wisdom, derived from the Faculties.

Finally, to complete the coat of arms are the two columns of Hercules, allegory to the capital of the district that includes the University of Cadiz.

Additionally is a closed Royal Crown, which is the Spanish Crown, standing for the creation of this University under the mandate of a Bourbon king.

University Seal

The stamp is circular and shall incorporate all elements of the coat of arms and, as an outer ring, the inscription “SIGILUM UNIVERSITATIS GADITANAE”.

University Flag

The flag of the University of Cadiz has the proportions of the Spanish flag and is yellow of colour in recognition of the Faculty of Medicine, as this faculty has constituted the seed from which this University was born and has grown. At its center is the emblem of the University.

University Medal

Medallas de la UniversidadSpanish universities may recognize the merits made to it by individuals or institutions, in various ways, one of the most frequent being the award of the Medal of the University in one of their categories.

Therefore, through proposal of the University of Cadiz, the following is approved.


Chapter I. Award of the medal
  • Article 1º. Cadiz University instituted a medal to highlight its recognition to individuals, Corporations or Foreign or National Societies who have excelled in the field of scientific research, education, Literature and Arts, or that have somehow rendered outstanding service to the University of Cadiz. .
  • Article 2º. The award will be made by the Board of Governors of the University when proposed by a Faculty`s Rector or from any other centre, and until it is constituted by the Plenary of the Managing Committee of the University.
  • Article 3º. The proposal must be accompanied by a statement of the merits and circumstances of the person or entity that is motive of the concession.
Chapter II. Grades of Medal
  • Article 4 º. The medal will be minted in gold, silver or bronze, depending on the class or distinction that should be granted.
  • Article 5 º. The gold medal will go to outstanding individuals of national and international reputation in the fields of education, scientific research and art and to those persons or entities who have rendered outstanding service to the University of Cadiz.
  • Article 6 º. The silver medal will be awarded to individuals of notable reputation in teaching, research and art or the persons or entities who have rendered outstanding services to the University.
  • Article 7 º. The bronze medal will go to people that for services rendered to the University of Cadiz are creditors of this same University.
Chapter III. Medal Form

Article 8 º. The medal minted in the types of metal listed in article 4 º, is round, four inches in diameter, with a ring or link at the top, and holds, on its front, the University seal and the name of the person or entity to whom it is awarded.

Chapter IV. Formalities of the concession
  • Article 9 º. The award will be notified to the person or entity through the office of the Rector, and may be accompanied by a certificate of honor, alluding to the distinction that is granted.
  • Article 10 º. The medal may be awarded during academic ceremonies marking the opening of a course, and exceptionally, in the case of foreigners or when solemnity requires it, before a Senate meeting specially convened for that purpose.
  • Article 11 º. The General Secretary of the University shall keep a log book of awarded medals.
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