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Creation of the University

Diario de Cádiz 17th October 1979

Senate Reunion of the 16th October, 1979

The establishment of the University of Cadiz has been approved. The full Senate approved the bill for the creation of the Universities of Alicante, León, Cadiz and the Polytechnic of Las Palmas. For the parliamentary groups Rafael Román (Senator of Cadiz by the PSOE), Beviá Pastor (also socialist) and Emilio Martín Villa (UCD) intervened. 

All expressed their satisfaction about the establishment of these universities, with the Senator of Cádiz Rafael Román emphasizing, with regards to Cadiz, that its University should focus on the introduction of specific areas of culture, such as Marine Engineering, Marine Biology, Petro chemistry and other agricultural specialities.

Minister for Universities and Research, González Seara, requested a favourable vote for this bill, but said, at the beginning of his speech, that without wanting to throw cold water on the hopes of this bill, he thought that approval was only a preliminary step to the actual creation that had to be made later. 

He explained that the Government had established a criterion for the establishment of new universities, stating that these would be created where there could be at least a University Campus, as scattered and poorly-equipped centres could never form a University. "We must empower" - the minister said- "the movement of student towards the University and not move the universities to where a student is." 

The House passed the bill.

B. O. Estado 31 octubre1979 (NUM. 261) pág.2601

Law 30th October 1979, No. 29/79 (Head of State) UNIVERSITIES. Creates those of Alicante, Cadiz, Leon, and Polytechnic of Las Palmas.

  • Article 1º:
    • 1. The University of Alicante is established initially consisting of the Faculties of Sciences and Philosophy and Letters as well as the University Schools of Business Studies and the Faculty of General Basic Education, currently dependent of the University of Valencia and of the Faculties of Medicine, Law and Economics and Business Studies and of the School of Nursing, newly established by transformation, of the existing centres in the College of Alicante.
    • 2. The Colleges of Engineering, currently existing in the province of Alicante, will remain dependent of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Meanwhile this University and the new one of Alicante propose to the Ministry of Universities and Research, with common agreement and at the request of the respective cloisters, its incorporation to the University that is created by this Law.
  • Article 2º: The University of Cadiz is established, initially consisting of the Faculties of Science and Medicine, Colleges of Business Studies and the Faculties of General Basic Education, Industrial Technical Engineering, Naval Technical Engineering and Nursing, present in Cadiz, and those Industrial Engineering of Algeciras and of Business Studies of Jerez de la Frontera, all of which are currently dependent of the University of Seville and of the newly created Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and Law (the latter based in Jerez de la Frontera).
  • Article 3º: The University of Las Palmas will be established and shall initially consist of the Higher Technical School of Architecture and Industrial Engineering and the Polytechnic College of Agricultural Engineering of La Laguna, all of which are currently dependent University of La Laguna and the newly created College of Computer Science.
  • Article 4º: The University of León is established, originally formed by the Faculties of Biology and Veterinary Science, and by the Colleges of Business Studies, of Basic General Education, of Agricultural Engineering and Mining Engineering, currently existing in Leon, dependent of the University of Oviedo and the Faculties of Law and Philosophy and Letters and of the newly created Colleges of Industrial Technical Engineering.
  • Article  : The universities that are created by this law will be based in the cities of Alicante, Cadiz, Las Palmas and León, corresponding the fields of its University districts with the respective provinces except for that of the Polytechnic University of Las Palmas, comprising of the provinces of Las Palmas and Tenerife.
  • Article 6º: Colleges and Universities Schools currently forming part of the Universities of Valencia, Seville and Oviedo and located in the provinces of Alicante, Cadiz and Leon, are assigned to the new universities created by the present Law.
  • Article 7º: The implementation of lessons corresponding to the Faculties and Colleges established by this Act will be realized gradually, from lower to higher courses, whilst being set to the forecasted budget and that enable provision and enabling the precise physical facilities. In the newly-created faculties such implementation can simultaneously effect the different teaching cycles. During the execution of the afore mentioned, the corresponding courses offered in the Colleges of Alicante, Cadiz and Leon will cease .
  • Article 8º:  En las facultades de nueva creación la implantación podrá afectar simultáneamente a los diversos ciclos de enseñanza. Conforme vaya teniendo lugar dicha implantación, se extinguirán los estudios correspondientes actualmente impartidos en los Colegios Universitarios de Alicante, Cádiz y León. Art. 8º.
    • 1. Long-term professors, associate professor and professors in connection with the University that achieve posts as career officers in the centres that are integrated into the new universities, will be definitely considered as the professional staff of the same Universities.
    • 2. The non-teaching staff of the Universities of Valencia, Seville, La Laguna and Oviedo, assigned to the Centres that will integrate into the new Universities, will continue working in these Universities until the corresponding templates are created and the appropriate staff credits are assigned. At this point one may choose between the definitive incorporation into the Universities of Alicante, Cadiz, Las Palmas, León, respectively, or the return to the services of the Universities of origin.
  • Article 9º: Similarly, prior to the compliance with the relevant legal requirements, all property, land, buildings and equipment located in their respective University districts, and currently assigned to the University of origin, will be ascribed to the new Universities:
  • Article 10ª:
    • 1. Until all governing bodies of the new universities are designated with the formalities established in the existing legislation, a Management Committee shall be created in each of these bodies, which shall provide the teaching and administrative duties necessary for the initiation and development of their activities.
    • 2. The President, who should be a long-term Professor of University, will be appointed by the Minister for Universities and Research.
    • 3. The composition of the Management Committee shall be determined by regulation and all sectors concerned shall be represented in it.
  • Final provision: Hereby is the authorization of the Government and the Ministries of Universities and Research and the Treasury to issue, in their respective fields, the dispositions necessary for the interpretation, development and implementation of the provisions of this Law. Transitional provision Until the enforcement of University Autonomy Act, in future contracts and appointments of interims the situation of teaching and non-teaching staff who currently provide services in University Colleges that are to become Faculties, will be considered of special merit, and in any case, its entire professional and academic qualifications in the resolution of the corresponding contest, will be valued.
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