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AUI (Iberoamerican University Foundation)

The Latin America University Foundation is a permanent University space to perform all those top-level activities aimed at strengthening relations between countries of Latin America. Likewise it is a forum for discussion on those aspects which unite and separate both societies and intended to be the seed of diverse activities that can contribute to our development and mutual collaboration. 

The celebration in Cadiz for the Bicentennial of the Constitution of 1812, is encouraging a wide range of academic and cultural activities,  entrusted by the Bicentennial Consortium,  coordinated by the University of Cadiz and open to the direct participation of all Latin American universities.

The University Foundation marks a series of objectives which will define the type of actions to develop, how they are to be carried out and who is to participate in them:

  • Territorial development. All actions have as a goal the economic, social and cultural development on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Interculturality and mutual understanding. The University Foundation intends to be a reference of a shared vision to provide an innovative approach.
  • Knowledge management. The University Foundation is sheltered by academic institutions. Fruit of these sources is its dedication to the generation of shared knowledge, further, in the era of knowledge, where the more competitive regions are those who better manage its intellectual wealth.

The offer of the University Foundation can be grouped into a series of inter-related areas that seek to set themselves up as a full catalogue to the service of the objectives and principles that define them.

  • Congresses, conferences and seminars.
  • Post-graduate studies.
  • Research and cooperation projects.
  • Exchange programs.
  • Publications.
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