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  2. Welfare and Solidarity

Welfare and Solidarity

Office for Sustainability

It is essential that the University promotes socio-environmental values that bring about the development of responsible attitudes towards the environment inside and outside the University, values that must impregnate the university’s structure and its dynamics.

Attention to disability

The UCA offers funds and support needed to achieve equality of opportunities of any member of the university community with any type of disability
and promotes the realization of this in society in general

Support to Families

For the University of Cadiz it is important to provide care services for children to facilitate the conciliation of work and family life of the members of the University community.

Social Participation and Volunteering

Together with various social actors, the University of Cadiz promotes social commitment, participation, associationism and social action, facilitating the incorporation of University volunteers in available programmes.

Development Cooperation

The UCA promotes the analytical study of the causes of poverty and underdevelopment and seeks to achieve sustainable human development, enhancing solidarity and humanitarian attitudes among the UCA community and its surroundings.

Migration and Interculturality

From the University it is vital to promote the knowledge, study and critical reflection among the University community about the current migratory phenomena and the value of intercultural societies.

Psychological Care and Counselling

The University of Cadiz offers its pupils a service that has the objective of taking care of the personal and academic necessities of his students, advising them in issues that can improve the quality of their stay and the learning.

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