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  2. Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities


The objective is to promote and carry out activities to spread scientific and cultural knowledge within the University community.

Own Productions

There are several activities promoted by the University of Cadiz and relating to the world of art, music or literature, as the University Choir and the Theatre Hall

Digital Magazine Diezencultura.es

It is a technological tool that gathers the cultural agenda of all Andalusian universities and unites news, directories of interest and helpful documentation in cultural planning and management.


Reflection, diagnosis and assessment together in the various processes and university services.

Artistic Creation

Accede to the virtual gallery of the University of Cadiz and meet the winners of the different convocations, which promote creative writing, photogaphy and painting.

University Appearances

Three additional programs that serve to disseminate the latest research and tendencies of literature, flamenco and science, from the hand of the student protagonists.

Imagen de ejemplares de la Constitución de 1812

UCA, the University of Bicentennial

Be acquianted with all the programming organized by the UCA to commemorate the convocation of the parliament in Isla de León, the promulgation of the 1812 constitution and the independence of various Republics in Latin America, in collaboration with various government and administration entities.

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