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UCA celebrates a new edition of 'Ciencias around you' with more than a thousand secondary school students | 02/20/2017

Theme: Students , Centres & Departments , Workshops and meetings

The Dean of the Faculty of Sciences has launched this informative activity in which more than 80 researchers, faculty and students from the university

UCA celebrates a new edition of 'Ciencias around you' with more than a thousand secondary school students

More than a thousand students from higher secondary courses have participated in a new edition of Ciencias around you at the University of Cadiz, a scientific informative initiative organized by the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, whose main objective is to bring the students of different secondary schools in the province everything related to the research that is carried out in this faculty from different perspectives.

Thus, on this occasion, nine workshops have been launched that have relied on the work and involvement of 85 researchers, faculty and students of Science. In them, the world of mathematics, reactivity and kinetics has been approached, among many other topics. In the same way, the workshops La ciencia en tu despensa, La magia de los cristales, La cocina y los alimentos, Limpia pero con fundamento químico, Descubriendo los productos naturales y Mitosis: Observando el código de la vida were held.

About 100 schoolchildren per day, who belong to 19 educational centers in the province, attended these practical classes in the laboratories of the Faculty of Sciences. Participating students were divided into groups of about 20 students each, and rotated through the workshops.

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