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The scientific journal ‘Science’ publishes today the results of this interdisciplinary project, which has the authorship of researchers from five countries and reveals the origin of art by Neanderthals in the world Researchers from the University of Cádiz and the Neanderthal Museum of Mettmann (Germany) have led an interdisciplinary and international research that has included […]

The RESMALI project is funded by the European Space Agency and has 4 partners: University of Cádiz, ARGANS, AIRBUS and OCEAN CLEAN-UP   Researchers from the University of Cádiz participate in a project of the European Space Agency (ESA) to quantify plastics in the ocean using sensors from satellites. The Remote Sensing of Marine Litter […]

In December, the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal will publish a study run by the CTS-158 Galeno group which shows new cut-off points to assess these aspects Researchers from the CTS-158 GALENO group at the University of Cadiz, directed by professor José Castro Piñero, have been working for three years on an important multicentre study based […]